sana®-akkus können einfach getauscht werden

Uncomplicated comfort

Your warmth, your choice – very uncomplicated

  • Instant heat: One touch of a button and the comfort begins.
  • Intuitive operation: Push buttons make inserting the batteries and controlling the heat child's play.
  • No tech hassle: Operating the panties is user-friendly, with no complicated settings.

Maximum control, minimum effort

  • Precise control: With 9 heat levels, you can adjust the temperature exactly to your needs.
  • Interval function: Decide for yourself how long heating and rest phases should last. Discreet: Turn off the LEDs to enjoy the warmth undisturbed.
  • Battery status: Keep an eye on the charging status of your batteries.
  • Free: The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS.
wärmesteuerung über die kostenlose sana-heat-app

frequently asked Questions

How can the heat be regulated with sana?


3 heating levels can be selected directly via the battery. With the free sana® heat app, the heat can be set in 9 finer increments. The maximum heat output at level 3 via the battery is identical to level 9 via the sana® heat app.

How long does the heat last?


Depending on the heating level, a rechargeable battery provides heat for up to 8 hours. Most customers use medium heat levels. Here you can expect about 4 hours of heat per battery. With the exchangeable battery you can get through the day very well.

How warm do the panties get?


We cannot express heat in Celsius because heat is strongly influenced by the environment. The thicker the clothing over the heating element, the more heat is transferred to the body. Level 5 feels much warmer under thick jeans than under a thin summer dress.

Are the sana® panties durable?


The panties are knitted from technical yarns - similar to high-quality sportswear. With correct use (washing) they last a very long time.

How often can the batteries be charged?


Our batteries are based on the same technology as mobile phone or car batteries. Regular use keeps the batteries "fit". Never store fully charged or completely discharged. You can find more information about the batteries on our youtube channel.

Can I wash the sana® panties?


Yes. Remove the battery and wash at 30 degrees like sports clothing. Please do not put in the dryer! The fabric of the panties comes from the sports sector, is very elastic and becomes hygienically clean at 30°.