sana panties und sana shorts mit unseren zwei models

Heat at the touch of a button.

Relieve pain - promote well-being

We make it easy for you

Try for 30 days

Test us without risk. If you are not satisfied with the heat, you can return your set after 30 days and get your money back.
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sana heat panties mit praktischem Wechselakku

Heat relieves pain without any side effects

Do you like to reach for the hot water bottle when the painful days are ahead? Would you like to have pleasant warmth with you all day long - preferably without restricting yourself? Then you've come to the right place with the heated panties from sana®. We actively provide you with heat for many hours. Removable batteries make it easy to get you through the day or night.

With sana® you always have the warmth with you.

Mehr Kleidungsschichten halten mehr Wärme an deinem Körper

Proper clothing

Heat works very simply. She flees to where she has no resistance. That means for you. The thicker the layer over your panties, the more warmth you will feel. A pair of jeans is already a perfect insulator.

Kostenlose App zur Steuerung der Wärme deiner sana® heat panties

Adjustable heating levels

The heat levels are adjustable with sana®. Experiment with the maximum 9 heating levels via the sana® heat app so that you can quickly find the setting that suits you. Most women use the range from level 4 to 6.

sana panties unter bequemer Kleidung

Warm for a long time instead of very hot for a short time

A hot-water bottle is often used too hot - that can also be harmful. And then she quickly gets cold. sana® panties cannot cause burns. In return, they provide you with the same heat constantly - for many hours.

Dr. Helga Lauchart - aus dem sana® Entwicklungsteam

Question to Mrs. Dr. Helga Lauart

Why did you take part in the sana® project?

When I heard about the possibility of making heat "portable" throughout the day, I was hooked. I know the effect of warmth on "women's issues" and I treat many women who suffer from the long-term effects of taking medication regularly. This product enables my patients to reduce their intake of medication, sometimes drastically.

Die sana® heat panties begleiten dich den ganzen Tag - ganz unauffällig

A day with the heated sana® panties

Of course, you can only feel the warmth of our panties on your own body. In this video we can show you how the sana® panties accompany you throughout the day.