We work with heat, not against other treatment methods

It is not without reason that the hot water bottle is a constant companion for many women when they have abdominal pain. With sana® we have made heat "better" usable. And can offer effective and gentle pain relief, especially for women's problems.

Dr. Werner Lauchart steht zur Wärme zur Schmerztherapie

We are not against drugs

Our motivation is to make the effect of active heat against pain more usable. Our panties don't restrict you in everyday life and provide constant pleasant warmth.

Wärme lindert Schmerzen und ermöglicht ein angenehmeres Leben

Why constant heat is good for you

Heat is used in many areas of therapy to relieve cramps and pain - including abdominal pain. In addition, heat has a positive effect on our mood - the right impulse to pursue your hobby.

Frau mit Regelschmerzen auf dem Sofa

Effective heat is not "hot"

It doesn't have to be "hot" for it to work. Constant heat over many hours is more effective against pain than "hot for a short time". In addition, the skin tissue is protected. sana® provides you with heat in 9 levels - one of which suits you perfectly.

Wärme lindert Schmerzen und sorgt für mehr Wohlbefinden

The doctors in our development team

We have always had very good experiences with heat, which is why we were immediately involved in the development of the sana® heat panties. We are always surprised by the effect when heat is applied over many hours and several days. For many patients, the intake of medication can be significantly reduced and the patient's well-being increases.

Even if we, as doctors, regularly recommend medication. In terms of longevity, any drug that we don't have to take is good. Especially if they are taken regularly.